Holybro Innovates Using Unicore technology

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Holybro Innovates Using Unicore technology

Patrick Marvin Casiano
| May 24, 2023
Product News
Holybro UM982 Digital Compass.

Holybro, a leading hardware provider in the drone industry, has made significant strides in advancing UAV navigation. At Xponential 2023, we had the privilege of connecting with Vincent Poon, Holybro's CTO, who introduced introduced their integration of Unicore's advanced chips, elevating the heading and positioning accuracy in their drones. 

Accurate heading and positioning are crucial for drone navigation, spanning applications like aerial surveying, precision agriculture, and 911 response. Seeking an advanced GNSS solution and proven technology, Holybro partnered with Unicore Communications, renowned for their cost-effective, high precision GNSS technology.

Unicore's UM982 is integrated into Holybro's latest drones, delivering substantial accuracy and reliability. The UM982 mitigates interference and enables precise positioning in complex environments.

In the video interview, Vincent highlights the positive impact of Unicore's technology on Holybro's products, enhancing stability and heading performance, among other benefits.

Holybro's collaboration with Unicore signifies their commitment to high precision and high performance, and the advancement of the UAV industry. Holybro's testimonial at Xponential 2023 showcases the exciting potential of Unicore GNSS technology, marking a significant milestone in drone navigation, enhancing accuracy and reliability. The collaboration demonstrates a shared commitment in pushing the boundaries of drone technology.


Stay updated on the latest developments from Holybro and Unicore as they shape the future of drone navigation through GNSS technical advancement.

For more information on Holybro's innovative UM982 Dual Antenna RTK GPS, visit the product detail page HERE.